“Radical Inclusion: Coachella & Special Needs”

I attended the 1st Coachella Music Festival in 1999. (One year after my 1st Burn.)  But I wonder, “would I still feel welcome there?”  Not sure if my perception is accurate, but the stereotype of judgmental Instagram fashionistas and Kardashian-studded VIP areas proves a good contrast to the Radical Inclusion vibe we try to cultivate at Burning Man. I also wanted to take a moment to talk about another type of Radical Inclusion that is illustrated by a new art project, “Stair Ramps to Heaven.”  While not all Playa experiences should be tailored so that everyone can experience it, when possible, it is a nice exercise to ask, “Could this art be enhanced to make it available to more people?”  Creating ramp access for mutant vehicles is a perfect example of that.    In this episode, I get deeper into both these types

“Radical Inclusion: Coachella & Special Needs”

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