Personal Growth Discouragement, The Crowd You Keep, and Vaccines

It has been a while! I’m not sure if anyone listens to these. Or reads this text. So I will just upload this recent broadcast and see what happens! Any feedback wold be very welcome!
My apologies if the vaccine thoughts ruffle any feathers.


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Personal Growth Discouragement, The Crowd You Keep, and Vaccines

“Transmuting Tears”

I had a powerful experience being the butt of a joke about me crying.

Plus “SAVE BRC!”

ALSO ANSWERING: “Do you think it is more constructive to bring The Burning Man ethos into the “default world” by applying it to a conventional career, or do you think it is more impactful to try to live like you are at Burning Man by leaving a conventional career path and trying to make a living through the ethos in the “default world?” –

submitted by David Posner

“Transmuting Tears”

Benefits of (a brief) Social Media Break

I’ve been offline for 3 days and oh my….

Awareness of my addiction.
I can observe the number of times I have the instinct to scroll.
AND how often I have an experience and automatically start to frame it in my mind as a post to share.

Ability to spend time with larger projects.
Usually if I sit down to do a project that is complicated or daunting, it doesn’t take long before I am checking my Facebook notifications and then caught scrolling. The low level serotonin buzz from a constant flow of stimulus is freaking attractive – and requires no effort. But when I take away that option, I am forced to be less passive – more active, and SIT with a project. I have been meaning to build out a Hug Nation community and finally did. I was meaning to update my neglected YouTube Channel, and finally did.

Yearning for longer things to read/watch.
Articles, Magazines, Books. Or YouTube videos I click “watch later” but never do.
Normally I fill my brain with snacks and rarely ingest full meals.

Real World Awareness.
Like #2, with my default destination for my attention off the table, I am forced to seek other ways to entertain my mind. I feel like I am aware of my surroundings more. I’ve paid more attention to my houseplants, garden, and an art project.

Naps. I suppose this is a benefit and a challenge. Naps are awesome. But sometimes it is just my way to stay passive and avoid being active. It is better for my health than scrolling, but still an escape.

I don’t feel as guilty as I thought I would.
I posted my email in my last FB post if people need to contact me
AND checked my messages once every other day. (I know this is not a true fast. But it is still a reduction of my time on facebook by 1000+% From many hours to 90 seconds.) I have been using facebook as a primary communication tool, so I am worried about missing time sensitive communication.
But I find the ‘panic in my chest’ feeling passes quickly.


I am imbedded.
I host many groups. I gave myself permission to log in a few times to check messages and send some updates to event pages. I actually messed a zoom URL in a group event because I was off Facebook and forgot to keep up with everything.

I also have outsourced lots of information to Facebook. I found myself forgetting names, or realizing I had no way to contact people outside fo Facebook. As I worked on another project, I allowed myself to log in breifly to access info I couldn’t remember. (And, yes, I was pulled into the desire to do more.)

I miss people
I logged in briefly Mothers Day to check on a message and – before I could turn away – saw a wonderful love-filled post a friend wrote about their mother. I so love the bits of human experience that are interspersed with the disinformation and clickbait.
If I stay off more, I’ll have to develop a system of reaching out to people in ways I never have before.

Benefits of (a brief) Social Media Break